Add Chat

Add KiwiIRC Applet to your website instantly.

Do you have a website or want to share your channel with others? With HybridIRC’s free chat service, we’ll supply you with the code to add a chat client to your web page and allows you to completely customize the web page as if it was your own. All it takes is a little cutting and pasting, and you have added an instant community to your web page. Go ahead, join them, and we’ll carry the chat load on our servers.

Change the channel name after you paste the chat code on your page to your channel name. If you want an active chat room on your website and don’t want to have to grow and manage one leave the default #ChatIndian it’s moderated, “Rated-G” general audience channel and generally active with friendly people.

<iframe src="" allow="microphone; camera; display-capture" style="border:0; width:100%; height:500px;"></iframe>